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I help out with the audits were I work at. One of the things we push each year is password security. The things we cover on the password security is the following.
1. Do not write down the password.
2. Do not share the password in email, on the phone or anyone that asks.
3. The password complexity.
I have seen these rules broken several times in one way or another. Being told that they write the password down. Sending the password in email. Just being told the password or having an excel file with passwords in it. Even a password in plain text in a batch file. Educating coworkers os hard. Some get others don’t. Biometrics give companies to much information about yourself. How do you get people to care about password security?


Strange Noises

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I was at work on a Saturday. I did not need to be there; but since I was there giving back the weed eater I borrowed. I might just see what work came up since I left on Friday. Now I did not turn on the lights since half of the were on already. I just went to my desk and logged in. Then I heard it. I could not believe what I heard. Considering there were people down the hall. There was no mistaken it. The noises were of a pleasure type. I was frozen in place. I tried to convince myself that it was not. Then the moan and self enjoyment got louder. I heard a deeper and different voice. I was done. I just stood up and walked out. I was not going to stay and listen to that and left. The problem is going to be on Monday. Its going to be hard to go to work with out think of this.

Being Trolled

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I have recently taken a new position at the company I work for. I have given a coworker access to write on the blog since he is still working on help desk.  Since I have taken the position  I have a cubical that is mine. I don’t share with anyone else. Which I really enjoy. A couple of Days after I started working.  I got trolled by an ex-coworker. He put up some Justin Bieber pictures around my cubical. On that day I came in twenty minutes early and took them down before anyone could see. But I was wrong a programmer saw them the night before. They were put up before she left that night. She told me she went over to help desk to ask about it.


I came in the other day and I got trolled again. This time it was Christmas lights up in my cubical. I really liked the lights. It brightened up my space but I did take them down because I thought I forget about them and burn the place down.

Prank that was left and an awkward moment!

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I was in our Backup tap room, which is the size of a closet. It’s got a computer on a desk, a tape drive and a chair in this closet. There is no windows in this closet and you have to know the code to get out . But there is a camera on the ceiling. The other day I was been shown the job of rotating the tapes. We open the door and laying on top of the tap drive there was an adult magazine. Which would not bother me but the person showing me this process was a female coworker. Just listening to what to do and pretend it was not there. But she did mention a thing about it and all I did was point to the camera. Talk about awkward moment.

The next day the person that set that up told me about it. He brought the magazine in to prank Night help desk. He also wanted to leave tissues and lotion but thought that might be to much.  I did inform him that no one on nights goes in there except on rare occasions any more.

When things go wrong

I was talking with one of the tech’s I work with on Skype when suddenly I get this message from him:

[8:48:04 AM] Bryan: on call
[8:48:15 AM] Bryan: just heard a big crash and then oh s**t!
[8:48:40 AM] Bryan: the monitor fell on this guy and busted on him

Things not to put in to logs

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Entered on 6/29/2013 at 19:18:51 cdt by eric m.

Chode called Phone not working at all. had him power cycle his phone system.

might want to use  spell check.

things put in to logs part 7

Entered on 06/23/2013 at 15:45:12 CDT (GMT-0500) by Beandip:

reg3 rp not printing and cant open cd, when we try printing to it it makes a noise, mod described it as “EINNNGH”, had them self-test and it fails to self-test, has paper and no obstructions, sounds like something inside is broken, advised to use rp from another reg to get to cd,