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Prank on someone with an eye patch

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There is a coworker that had a injection into her eye due to medical reason. She had to wear an eye patch to work. So when they left we decorated her desk with pirate stuff.


office desk with pirate stuff

office desk with pirate stuff


The next day she responded to the people that done it with an email to the people

with the subject Heard you were involved

and then a picture that said Soooooo and I guess you’re an asshole

She had another that she sent but I am not going to post it at least not here.


things put in footprints log part 5

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Entered on 05/20/2013 at 12:11:54 CDT (GMT-0500) by Jonathan:

Talking with charles FT, says later tonight the store needs checkdesk’s and have their memory compressed.

Setting this as a reminder to do after store closes.





I am not sure what is meant by checkdesk’s and memory compressed and that was the entire footprints log.

the hidden purses

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The hidden purses is one of the pranks that should of no taken as long as it did. A coworker went out to smoke and I put the purses in to the desk cabinet. When she came back she looked into ever desk cabinet and drawer. Someone had to teller her where it was. She was dumb founded but everyone had a good laugh at the end. Best part someone else got blamed.

Prank at work desktop disappears

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I was at work and a coworker was try to be funny and mouthed off to me. So I opened a command prompt and net used his computer.  That drive I set the net use to and then went to documents and settings his user folder and then desktops. I created a folder call desktop and then moved all the icon in to it. The entire time he was not looking at his computer. I just seat back and waited. I did not have to wait long. He got a call and was like what the hell. He made the best face. The other coworkers were like wait the hell and laughing too. It was great. He was not able to figure out how I did it until someone explained it.

What techs put in their logs part 2

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Entered on 05/12/2013 at 10:44:00 CDT (GMT-0500) by Emily Stewart:

looking over log

I have a theory on this issue

q’ing for when JustinM is here to speak with him about it



you know it’s going to be a rough call when

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You know it’s going to be a rough call when they say “in the back of the brain box!”

strange but interesting site

Posted on – not what you think.