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Strange Noises

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I was at work on a Saturday. I did not need to be there; but since I was there giving back the weed eater I borrowed. I might just see what work came up since I left on Friday. Now I did not turn on the lights since half of the were on already. I just went to my desk and logged in. Then I heard it. I could not believe what I heard. Considering there were people down the hall. There was no mistaken it. The noises were of a pleasure type. I was frozen in place. I tried to convince myself that it was not. Then the moan and self enjoyment got louder. I heard a deeper and different voice. I was done. I just stood up and walked out. I was not going to stay and listen to that and left. The problem is going to be on Monday. Its going to be hard to go to work with out think of this.


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