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Prank that was left and an awkward moment!

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I was in our Backup tap room, which is the size of a closet. It’s got a computer on a desk, a tape drive and a chair in this closet. There is no windows in this closet and you have to know the code to get out . But there is a camera on the ceiling. The other day I was been shown the job of rotating the tapes. We open the door and laying on top of the tap drive there was an adult magazine. Which would not bother me but the person showing me this process was a female coworker. Just listening to what to do and pretend it was not there. But she did mention a thing about it and all I did was point to the camera. Talk about awkward moment.

The next day the person that set that up told me about it. He brought the magazine in to prank Night help desk. He also wanted to leave tissues and lotion but thought that might be to much.  I did inform him that no one on nights goes in there except on rare occasions any more.


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