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Things that are typed in to footprints logs part 3

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We all have a bad day and get things wrong. But first tech got the store number wrong for the log, second tech got this figured out but misspelled one thing. lets see if you can find it
Entered on 12/07/2012 at 15:26:46 CST (GMT-0600) by :
checking Doall
not finding Menu Merge for this store (4516)
calling store to check to see if Reg1 pricing is correct
they advise they did not call in about this issue.
2022 is shown on the Doall in Menu Merge program
calling 2022 and checking with them
They are aware of this issue
having them shut down NGPOS and start it back up
checking pricing
They advise that it is working right for fight now. They are going to have to wait to do the restart till not so busy.
q to follow up and make sure issue does not return.
Entered on 12/07/2012 at 11:32:32 CST (GMT-0600) by :
Deena called in,
Getting issues with varying pricing between registers.
Running menu merge on doall.
Q to reload NG and verify after completion.

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  1. right = fight


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