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You can tell what kind of call it will be in the first minute or less.

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After a while of being on the phones. I would say you can judge whom you a dealing with on the other end of the phone, for me at least you can tell if you need to dumb down what you are saying or use intelligent speech.  I am not saying that everyone you talk to that you dumb down what you are saying is going to be a bad call or vise versa. You can some times just tell. I want to say every network down all is going to be bad but that is not true. The bad calls are different for everyone.  I would say for me it is the person that does not want to do what you ask, or they go I already did that. I have had the spectrum of calls go from nice to hateful angry or angry to nice. It just depends. The thing about being a tech on the phone is you need to be a detective to. I have learned to ask the same question is several ways. I had a teacher tell the class that everyone lies. Your job is to figure out what happened. I learned quickly you can not hint that someone lied or not telling the truth. I remember a call a computer was down and would not boot. The lady on the other end said she was Dell certified. The computer was bad and needed to be replaced. I asked what she did to troubleshoot and then asked her to unplug the keyboard and turn the computer off and on. she was like I don’t know how that will help since I am dell certified. I just replied so am I, Just do it and see what happens. I will admit I at the time was not Dell certified since it expired but the computer came up. She was surprised and I informed get a new keyboard. I admit that was not a bad call, I wanted to start on a lighter note. I have had been yelled at, I have been told they were going to get me fired. I even got yelled out for doing what my boss told me to do. I not saying I am perfect, far from it. I believe I am good at what I do. I have great strengths and not so strong in other areas. I guess that is why there are more then one person on the help desk. We all have strengths and weaknesses. I had another call, She was work as a manager for a store. I walked her  threw some steps and she told me a few ideas. why she was work at a store when she could work in I.T. some where and she told me she got a degree in computer science but she did not want to leave her home town. I know I.T. is the first hired and first fired in the economy. You got to admit not wanting to leave your home town will but a damper on job prospects.

I have been called and told we don’t have power but I need this computer to work. Nope not going to happen. I also been called and wanted level two or a supervisor. Stores think we are not able to help them. I mostly work nights and weekends. That’s not possible at times. Getting them to tell you what is going on is then what you got to do some time it work some time it does not. I have heard most of our stores talk on the phone and I really do wounder what the education level is at most of our stores. I also wounder about the management practices. I have had people cry for mistakes that I cannot help with. I know there is accountability but come on its not life ending.

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