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This is an old story that many do not know about. It was not told for a while; but it is time to tell it. I worked during the day shift on help desk about four years I ago I say.  I remember I got a call, I was working on it and did not finish it before I left at 5 pm. Later that night I came back up after midnight when I was heading home from Bowling. There was only one employee on help desk. I walked up and came in. Now I would not   classify myself observant but, I am oblivious to things that happen around me. If she did not say a word I would of not said a thing. But come to think of it. I turn the corner her chair was turn so the back was facing me and pants were over the back of the chair. I walked on past and seat in a desk and logged in to the computer. I don’t remember the conversation completely but it was something like what you doing up here and informed her I was checking a call I had. Which was still in the q, so I finished it up before I left. Before I did that she told me that her zipper on her pants was stuck and she had no pants on because she was try to fix and no one else was up there because they went home.  She also told me not to tell anyone. I agreed. If I remember right the next day she told everyone when I told absolutely no one. No trust.

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  1. ahem ….. i think this is story is fiction. 🙂


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