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When the WiFi is taken away part One

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The company recently decided to change the WiFi polices. Its been decree that no laptops on the help desk area. It been stated several times but no action taken place over it. The help desk supervisors let it go particularly at nights. I think they see it as a reward for us since we miss out on party’s and company events. The thing is its been open WiFi for sometime, but due to compliance issues they put a password on the WiFi. We were given the password by our supervisor and it was like that for a while. Until almost a week ago I say they changed the password again, they are not given it to everyone since it was being misused. So since night help desk in particular have some down time. We have started finding ways to entertain themselves.

One of my good friends Joel had an Xbox controller rumble part. Joey had a little plastic duck and battery. They tapped the duck on to the rumble part and strip the wire a little and put the battery on it and the duck spins. The way I hear it is they spent hours laugh and having fun with it. The next day Joey wanted to put a switch on it. Which he did he just took it off a clown head he had up here and with the help of Justin an engineering student.   They got it to work with an on off switch.

Will post video when I get it

here is the video

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