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October is here which happens to be the perfect month for haunted tales. So, in honor of Halloween month I thought it would be a good time to write a blog about some of the haunted experiences that some of us had not only around the Helpdesk area, but in other areas of the building.

Many of us on Helpdesk, at least night shift, believe that there are more than just humans that occupy the building, unseen forces that we know of as ghosts. I know there are many that doesn’t believe in ghosts and will roll their eyes at the suggestion that they do exist, but nonetheless these are just some of the true experiences that many of us have encountered while working at night. So sit back and enjoy.

The ghostly experiences that I’m about to write about are my own personal experiences that I’ve had at work.

Prior to coming to night shift, there was a night in which I was staying late preparing to roll out an important piece of software. At that point, I was sitting at a desk in an area separate of where the Helpdesk is located. So on that night, I was alone as everyone had left hours before (not counting the few techs working on helpdesk).

The custodian had already made his rounds in the area I was at, which included turning off all the unneeded lights. The only light left on was the light directly above me. During the time I was at work, there were several instances in which I would hear distinct footsteps just on the other side of the cubical wall. I had no doubts about what I was hearing. But I was confused, because first of all had someone been in that area I would have seen them walk past me since the desk I sat in at the time faced right at the hall way. I would have clearly saw someone pass by, but I hadn’t. And if someone was over there, why would they be walking around in the dark?

I got up and turned the lights on in the area and went on the other side of the cubicle, I continued to hear the footsteps until I turned the corner and was looking down the hall in which the footsteps was coming from, suddenly it had stopped.

Throughout the night while I was there I encountered this perhaps 3, maybe 4 times. That wasn’t the only experience. Later on, I was sitting at my desk working when suddenly, in the programmer’s area, I hear the sound of a chair leaning back. You know how with some chairs that when they lean back they create a squeaking sound? That’s the sound I heard. Again, very distinct sound.

Again, I was confused because I had not seen anyone pass by plus the area was dark over there. If a programmer had come in, I would think that they would turn the lights on. I turned the lights on, again, and walked over to where I heard the sound coming from, nobody was there.

It wasn’t long after that in which I was back at my desk working when suddenly I heard someone, or something, let out a sigh. This time it sounded like it was right behind me coming from the area where a co-worker of mine sat. Thinking “ok, someone has to be up here messing with me”, I asked if anyone was in the area and I turned on all the lights. Nobody was around. And if I recall correctly, I believe I went into the helpdesk area and asked if anyone has been going over around the area where Level 2 sits and I believe the response was “no, nobody has been over there”.

Moving on to another experience I had since going to nights, and another tech who was also leaving experienced this as well. Near the helpdesk area are stairs that leads down into the main part of the building,  and at the bottom of the stairs is a door that makes a very distinct sound when it shuts. One night another tech and I were leaving and as we were starting to head down the stairs we heard that distinct noise that the door makes when it shuts. The stairs make a hard right about half way down, so we couldn’t see the door. We figured someone was about to come up, but nobody did. We got to the bottom of the stairs and nobody was there and nobody was in the main part of the building either.

I opened and closed that door numerous times, and both of us agreed that it was the exact noise we had heard. Everyone on helpdesk was accounted for, so it was none of them and the only vehicles in the parking lot where those that belonged to the other techs.

Those were my experiences that I’ve had at work, but ghostly experiences goes beyond me. The below are experiences that other techs have had while at work.

Now just a little information about our helpdesk, it opens at 7AM and closes at 2AM which is when the tech working checks the building, sets the alarm and closes up for the night. There are many times when only one tech closes for the night, and many times they might be the only one in the entire building from Midnight until 2AM. I think most techs, if not all of the techs, who have closed have stated they’ve experienced odd noises up there including footsteps.

One tech who normally doesn’t close was filling in for another tech who was on vacation, so for two nights she had to close by herself. She knew of these stories in which I’m telling, so she was kind of freaked out. After I had left, and she was alone up there, I was talking to her on MSN. Numerous time she stated she was hearing footsteps, and most impressive was when she was hearing footsteps and could physically feel the floor vibrating as if someone was walking with big, heavy boots.

Another tech who frequently closes had told me that one night he was making his round around the building ensuring nobody was in the building. He had made his way to the area that use to be our benefits department. As he shut off the lights he heard a voice say “Hello”. He turned the lights back on and asked if anyone was in there, he checked around and didn’t ever find anyone or get a response back.

A different tech had a similar experience that happened very recently, as he was making his rounds and turning off the light in the area where our accounting department is located, he heard a voice say “Hello”. Upon checking around, nobody was there.

Our building has an alarm system in which motion sensors throughout the building are tied through it, so if there is motion detected the alarm will let you know. I was told that many times when going to leave, that motion is being detected in parts of the building, as a result they would have to go check it out only to find nothing is there.

We use to have a custodian who worked there that often would tell me that he would randomly see shadows in areas moving around and hear noises, he said most often he would hear what sounded like people talking but yet, he was the only one downstairs.

The custodian told me a story about a time, late last year, when he was in the lobby mopping he was facing the door that leads outside. He said suddenly he saw a man in a plaid shirt walk right past the door and around to the side of the building. He figured it was someone who shouldn’t have been out there, so he quickly went out to find out who it was. When he turned the corner, nobody was there.

There are probably more stories and experiences that exist but I don’t know of, but these are the ones that have been told to me.

So I question, were all of these experiences the work of ghosts who haunt the building, or just a figment of our imagination? And if the building is haunted, who are the spirits that roam around and why are they there? We may never know the answers, but one thing is for certain, being in the building late at night, and alone, can give you a feeling that you’re not alone, a feeling that you’re being watched.

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