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I have been working on help desk for over 6 years now. Since that time I have heard many conversations on the help desk. Many odd and strange things. Stories that turn in to legends. Then some times they are forgotten and new ones take its place. I have heard stories. I have seen events and told them as stories. There are other things that are interesting and funny on help desk and that is the conversations that occur on help desk. When I was growing up I was informed that there were some subjects that should not be talked about at work. The big two are Religion, politics and then there is money and sex. I try to avoid these topics but sometimes you cannot. I think I will start out with a couple stories I have heard.

There was once a husband and wife that worked in my company. Both the husband and wife did not work in the same area. The husband was having sex in the building with women other then his wife. One day the husband and another women were having sex but they ended up doing it in the window.  Both the husband and the other women got fired. Here is the strange part the wife got fired as while. She got fired for looking up term record on the as400.  I guess the moral of the story is don’t have sex at work where you will get caught and don’t look up info you do not needed.

One of the other legendary stories that go around help desk was a new employee was hired on to help desk.  He was the anti social type. One day at home he hacked into the AS400 from home.  It took them a little bit  to figure it out but they did figure it out. When confronted  why he did it he did have an answer and was then fired

Back in the day we had trouble with the as400 several years ago. We called programers and they never answered. The programers boss at the time was on vacation and could not get a hold of him  We called one of the higher ups and he came in. He did not know what to do so he unplugged the 400.  The thing about as400 they have to be turn off in a correct way or they mess up a lot.  The next day when the programers boss came back he was mad. He got the programers together and said answer you phones and he spent the next few weeks fixing the 400.

On a weekend we had a server lock up could not remote into it.  The current person in charge was unable to figure out how to turn the server off by the power button. His boss was in Branson at the time and had to drive all the way back by the time he got here there were several other VP’s here. The did not know how to turn it off could not find the button. When his boss showed up he said did you move the front plate to expose the power button.

I will make another post with more general conversations.

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  1. Those are legendary stories! Love the one about help desk new employee.


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