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Microsoft has a error screen that is more annoying the n useful. It was more common in the early days of windows. The Bsod stands for Blue Screen of Death. We get these at work at times. but not always it can mean anything from a software to hardware error. You would have to look up the error id to be sure. One of the other thing that has occur is that this is also a butt of several Information Technological y and nerd jokes. It also has a good prank ability with it. Windows XP stories the desktop background under C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Wallpaper1.bmp . So I found a BSOD picture online and also found a linux penguin and combined the two. Now the thing is I never pulled this on any one. I had someone else do it. There was a female tech that was kind of an air head (for leak of a better term) She came in to work before anyone else and set the alarm off.  Another tech came to work late and has she pulled in to the parking lot saw some police standing at the enterice. The alarm was going off. She tried to tell them that it was a new tech but they would not leave until they checked the building out. When they got to the help desk area and she woundered what was going on she went OOOOOO I wondered what the noise was. That was not the only time she did that. She worked during the day and I heard stores that other tech would VNC into your computer and close her foot prints and some other random things. The day we set her background this BSOD was a busy day and she would keep not hit enter after entering a store number and would make unreadable logs. The next day she came in was funny could not figure out what happened. She just set at another desk and we latter just changed the wallpaper back to what it was.

blue screen of death with linux penguin

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