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The intelligence of the customers we serve vary for one place to another.  Much like the people we meet in life, you have people who seem to get whats going on and those who don’t have a clue.  We do have some very smart customers.  But some times it seems like common sense took a day off.  One example has to do with a simple change. A change in the  food ordering drop down  menu arrangement (all items were still there just in a different order).  No big deal right, WRONG we got several calls in stating that there food ordering is not opening correctly.  With these calls we just vnc into the stores back office computer to see what they are looking at. All  we see is that  they choose the wrong option. Most customers take the explanation in stride and look more closely and  say thanks for the help while others are completely shocked and act like that was a completely difficult thing to comprehend.

Another example  happened just today.  A store called up and he combined two tickets into one the first was a carry out and the second was a delivery. The carry out ticket was for right then and the delivery was a future ticket for a delivery later in the shift. He said when he combined it, the delivery disappeared and they were almost late for the delivery time and he wanted to know why.  I Informed when two tickets are combined  into one ticket it takes on the characteristic of the first ticket which was a carryout and not a delivery.

Another example happend today also was a store lost connectivaty to all the comptuers. Getting basic message that said no route to host on all her computers. Had her locate the network switch. what do you know there is no lights. When I asked to trace the power cord she goes where is that duh…

I am not saying that it is all the customers we support, But it sure seams like that is the one we hear from all the time.

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