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One of those evils of every day life. Stuff has to be clean, or at least one would think thinks would have to be clean. The area of the building I work at. does not get clean regularly. The clean guy comes in and empty’s the trash and moves on that’s it. So once in a while we dust our own desks. but still do not vacuum. At one point we had floor mats under our chairs but mean had holes and where just falling a part so they throw them away. so you had area of carpet that had clean spot and then dark spot. since Management has to walk by the area they noticed. So it took a while for them to get the carpet clean people there but they did. So I asked my boss if we could move to a different area until they were done. He said “NO”.  I really do have to say I was already sick  but seating in a closed of space smelling fumes and listening to a buffer. did not make my day. Then he went to smoke with the janitor.  So I waited till the finished the back and moved to a desk with better ventilation, logged in to the computer and stood by the stairs.

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  1. I think someone should be vacuuming the carpet more often!


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