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Morale at a company or at least amongst a group that works together is important. The happier your employees are the more efficient they will be, and better jobs they will do right?   Well, since I work nights and weekends morale is different. Lets just say people that work nights on a help desk are a different group of people. They are a little quirky. But morale on the night crew has always been up and down.  Full of highs and lows. Its definitely had more downs this year then ups  (in my opinion) Having noticed this trend,   I convinced  my boss (let me tell you that was hard…..sarcasm) to have a barbeque. I sent out emails.  On the day of the barbeque  we gathered the stuff we needed and had burgers ect….and it was a big hit. There was laughter,  jokes, and an up beat feeling on the shift.  We even had a co-worker offer to bring in Chili for everyone a 2 weeks later which was amazing!  I think we got more done and worked together much better after that barbeque and it just seems to be evidence to support my theory that a happy crew is a good and efficient crew 🙂    Morale matters people!

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