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Pranks part 2 VB Script

Let me start off and say I am no programmer. I do not have the patience to be a programmer. Now that I set that straight, I wold say I am a script Kiddy.  I know enough programming to get myself into trouble.  When I first started on help desk I knew nothing at all about programing and as I went along I became self taught. I started out writing batch files. I started with simple ones like a ping command  to ping a register at a store and  to ping  just the router. open a command prompt and enter the 4 digit store number and then the register or device. The other one just put  pt into the command prompt and then the store number and it would ping the router. I slowly started getting more complex which lead me to write the greyware  (Greyware is a general term sometimes used as a classification for applications that behave in a manner that is annoying or undesirable, and yet less serious or troublesome than malware.)  or at least that is what it was called by some. It was meant to be a funny joke. I just decided to pull it on a friend they did not find it funny or have the technical knowledge to stop it. What I did was install a shortcut into the start-up folder of the person I wanted to prank. So the next time they logged into the computer it would auto run. What it did was pop up the help wizard for microsoft office. He would introduce himself, open the cd rom, open Internet explorer, Notepad and write a message. Close those things. and then restart the computer. It would do so by popping up a command prompt window and enter the shutdown command with a force reboot. There were several ways to stop the script one was just close the command prompt when it opened and the second was  to access the system tray right click on the icon and hit exit. I guess you could have  killed it in the taskmanager as well. I happened to come in after him, and found him and his best bud with a pissed off look on their faces. I had to end it for him because he could not figure out how. Now his best bud said it was a virus and basically wanted me to get wrote up if not fired for that. A mutual friend of all of ours at the time more of their friends started to defend me and got the situation calmed down. I have never used that script again even though it was my favorite. I did several years later write a script that is used almost daily at work and I got yelled at for that too.

The script was one that you had to send to the store and execute it and it would then pole the computers at the store and put  the model number, the serial number, the hard drive space, memory and cpu usage in to a text file and then you would pull it back up to the office. I can not say I can take all the credit because I had a person on day shift whom was better at programing then me go over it. He more or less streamed line the script. He then went to the supervisor to say look what we wrote and we tested it and it works. The supervisor then told us not to use it till he tested it and said it was okay to use. A couple of days later when I showed up for night shift, I got yelled out about the script and accused of using it when told not to and it caused system problems for one of the stores.  He then left before I could defend myself, when I really just wanted to say, look at the people on your own crew because there were only two other people that knew about this script and they were on his shift. The problem was not the script which was proven. About a week later I found out that several people were using it and someone wrote a batch file that sent it to the store executed it and then copied the text to there box and deleted the batch and script from  the store. It actually made us more productive. Later on someone created a folder on a shared drive and work that kept the text in one location and I also hear hardware uses the script quite often. I was so angry at being in trouble for something useful  that I decided never to do anything useful for the company again but that didn’t last long…. I just can’t help myself 🙂

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