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We use VNC (Virtual Network Computing) at work to connect at stores, access their computer and see what they see on the screen. It is a way to see errors and show them how to get to certain things in the POS (point of Sales).  Most people who work on computers are pretty used to doing this and it is business as usual, sometimes we forget that it can be a little weird/ big brother is watching you kinda creepy.  The first time I heard over the phone a customer squeak because she thought her computer was possessed, I had to pause and laugh a little because I never thought of it that way,  I just thought it was cool the first time I tried it.  I have had several people tell employees that the computer was possessed and then  they explain, no its just the help desk doing that trying to fix the computer. But one manager decided to mess with their employee a little and DID tell the employee that the computer was possessed, and the employee turn the computer off. OOPS!!!!!!     The manager explained what was really going on and apologized so we re-accessed the computer and finished the updates.

What is even more strange, is that sometimes, the stores we support  do not answer the phone and we have information to pass along to them, so we vnc into the back office and leave a message in the scratch pad (this is similar to notepad in windows)  Well… this again is usually accepted as a normal means of communication, but one of my coworker s had a  complete conversation in scratch pad with a customer because they did not answer the phones. He was able to close the call with that too. I found that strange at the time but a year or so later I did that exact same thing, but I had an excuse I promise!  The stores phones were down but I was able to get the message to the store and they were able to type a useable cell phone number in scratch pad so we could call them and get the PBX (basically a phone box)  up and working.

I have to admit despite remotely accessing a computers  being common place, sometimes you can play some pretty good pranks on eachother in the office, I have tons of stories but the best prank pulled on me was on my first week at my job. My coworker told me to enter in to vnc. I asked why he just said try it. Okay and so I did. HHHHMMMMM  VNC kept opening windows on itself over and over till it errored out and you had to restart your computer, and by the way is a loop back address it is an IP that can be used to test for trouble on the nic (network interface card) and computer. VNC has fixed this issue in later versions of the software.

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