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Cup Holder?

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When I was still new on help desk I received a call that I will always remember. I was stunned let alone shocked. I was in disbelief over what I was listening to and so confused that the best thing I can do is just to tell you what was said.  I answered the call, and the gentleman I was speaking to said that he  needed some help. Okay that was what I was there for so I asked him what the issue was. His response was that his cup holder was broken. There was a long pause then  “Okay” I said . I informed  him that we do not support the maintenance or repair of cup holders that may be used and that we mainly deal with computer and communications issues.  His response was that ” it comes with the computer”. I could not help but pause again, I was very  confused. So next I tried to make sense of it by asking “what do you mean it comes with the computer sir?”  The gentleman proceeds to tell me that when he sits down at the desk in the back office and he hits the button on the top of the computer a tray comes out and he puts his coffee on that tray.   Suddenly I realized that he was in fact using his disc drive as a cup holder. Once I ended up explaining that what he was using, was not a cup holder but a CD Rom and explained that it is not made to hold a cup of coffee I told him that in order to fix the CD Rom that he would need to send the computer in, he decided that he didn’t really use it for anything else anyways and could live without it and did not need our assistance after all.  I still wonder today if he found a way to get the tray back open and continue using it as a cup holder, or if he was just so embarrassed upon his realization, that he will no longer speak of it and blocks it from his memory. One thing is for sure, it is locked in mine!


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