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Things that are typed in footprint logs part 2

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One of my co-workers Spicer worked on the Help Desk until a couple of years ago when he  got a new job in Carthage.  On his last day he wrote a log entitled “Goodbye Everybody” and these were his final words to us:

“Entered on 06/10/2009 at 16:10:18 CDT (GMT-0500) by Spicer:
This is officially my last log
Goodbye everybody
remember if rebooting reg 1 does not fix it then escalate it
oh yeah i forgot
closing call”

They also took a photo of him out side where he is jumping up in the air. With a title of Hooray and under that I am leaving #$1! (The I am leaving #$1 got Cropped off my bad). (#$1 stands for something else)

We all wished him good luck or congratulations. Most of us thought we never see him again and really did wise him luck on his knew career. OOPS we were wrong Not even a month later he was back.

Entered on 07/01/2009 at 09:42:49 CDT (GMT-0500) by pfalser:
Not no more…..

Entered on 07/01/2009 at 09:49:03 CDT (GMT-0500) by Spicer:
yes it is true spicy has returned.

Ever since that day he has been with us. The story that he tells goes something like this. I was over there and they started letting people go. So he got scared and came back to #$1. He also said they were really slow on their Help Desk.

That was one funny little log

This  log however falls under the category of strange/mysterious.  We received the log in the request q Titled “Raise” With a email that is not our company email, it was from g-mail and thus  did not tell us whom it was from.

This is what was in the description:

Entered on 11/27/2009 at 19:55:36 CST (GMT-0600) by 2030:
Need my raise.

The person that got to the request first was Livingston.

Since they did not leave a phone number he responded with:

Entered on 11/27/2009 at 20:10:58 CST (GMT-0600) by livingst:
Not sure who you are but you’ll need to contact your manager or payroll associate.


There was not much else we could do. I think I would of put something else but what he put was probably for the best.

Stay tuned people…… the footprints logs provide fun and mystery all the time, I am sure there will be more later!

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