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Games at work? OH NO!

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When I first started on the help desk, You could do what you wanted after you got the q got up (at least on night shift), and kept up with it. There would be several people that would bust out the q as fast has they could, and once that was done we could play games, do homework, watch movies and whatever else we felt like doing,  as long has we stayed on top of the q. What was strange is that the supervisor knew and participated in this activity but his boss did not approve. Once he stepped down the activities went into hiding. (meaning  as long has the supervisor was not there we went right back to the old ways). But times change. With the current supervisors we still do similar activities but only when the q is caught up and it is homework and movies. We do not play games any more.  I do remember that one of my best friends that worked up there with me installed a network game. The next day it was found and uninstalled. He got a lot of crap for that. He was over there talking to the level 2 when the Director of IT came up and stood behind him, and said “So you are the one that  installed the game!” his response was only “AH CRAP!!!!” The Director just Laughed.  That was  when the  no more games just work and at times home work rule came in to full effect.

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