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Things that are typed in footprint logs

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The notes below are taken from Help Desk logs, Please enjoy as I have.

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

My BACK-OFFICE monitor is so dark I can barely read anything on
it now. It is an old CRT style monitor, the last in the store and though the crew has urged me for years to have it replaced I wanted to use it until it was dead. That time has come.  Rest in pieces.
Thanks in advance!

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

I have a monitor that is on it’s last leg. Or pixel, I guess. It is not completely non-functional but it is dreadfully difficult to read and it seems to “shimmer” and twitch.
–We tried the monitor on another computer to make sure it
wasn’t the computer or the port in the computer.
–We tried the monitor with another cord to ensure it wasn’t
the cord.
–We tried “resetting” the monitor through the buttons
but…well we couldn’t figure out how to make that happen.
The information for the monitor is as follows:
Model# PX12SB1-L2-MCSA
Serial# 029B0105
It is a “Pixelink”.
I would like to submit that one of the larger monitors would
be even more perfect in this spot as it is our dispatch
computer…but that’s only a request if that’s available. The
smaller one works fine as long as we can read it. 🙂
Thanks in advance!

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

One of my computers has ceased to be. It is no more. It has
moved on. It won’t turn to the on position.
Dell Optiplex GX100
Serial Number: G9FM401
Model Number: DCS
Mfctr Date: 1020000
We’ve tried moving the computer to another outlet, to make
sure it wasn’t the outlet.
We’ve tried taking a cable from a working computer, to make
sure it wasn’t the cable.
We’ve double checked to make sure there wasn’t a power button
on the box switched to ‘off’.
We have checked to make sure all peripherals were hooked up
We drop kicked it into a puddle of water in the parking lot,
to make sure it didn’t just want a bath. Just kidding. Mostly.

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

My line4 is back to messing up again. We didn’t do anything,
I promise! As it was in the past, the moment it rains the line goes
wonky. To be specific: there is a ton of line noise…sounds “scratchy”…like someone is jiggling a bad cord. The line number is: 850-555-5555   It rained for the first time in a long time today and as in
the past this brings the noise. The noise is extremely intermitent. The problem is that now that it’s begun it won’t stop…even if it doesn’t rain again for months.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

Ticket #5 (CSC Ticket #1) won’t leave. CSC claims they voided it off. I asked them to fix this and they said thwy were sending a ‘reprint’ to fix it. This did nothing. They say they can not help me further.

Please help if you can.


Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses,

Lately I’m simply having no fun,
The problem, you see is register one.
It once was much faster, a regular sprinter,
Now it’s pain with a hesitant printer.
When dispatching it just takes forever,
Well more like 20 seconds. (I was just being clever)
I can dispatch on a different computer,
But they’re so far I feel like a commuter.
Any of the others are wholly much faster,
Than register 1 which is just a disaster.
You click on a ticket to dispatch or cash out,
And an hourglass comes up, now what’s that about?
It’ll sit there for seconds, up to half a minute long,
With customers staring wondering what is wrong.
It’s gotten so bad we’ve actually made a sign,
“Please bare with us, our computer takes a long time”.
I’m hoping you fellas can fix this darned thing,
Cause if it went faster your praises we’d sing.
Here’s what I’ve tried even though I’m nonplussed,
Cleaned up the back of any and all dust.
Switched out to a new keyboard and mouse,
Still the machine did not at all rouse.
If it’s possible this machine you can fix,
Please call me at 850-555-5555

Dear Tech Gods and Goddesses….

This is not an email requesting support.
This email is to comment on your service.
Today I called and once again you knocked out an annoying
problem we were having.
Just wanted to say that Jimmy is not only competent but he is
nice and pleasant too.
You guys always do such a great job and we really appreciate it.
I have a manager working for me now who worked for Papa Johns
for years. He tells horror stories about the help desk they
have over there and the lack of competent support for that
restaurant chain. He is so impressed with the speed and skill
you guys always display and actually counts it as a positive
reason to work for Pizza Hut.
When your department makes the employees feel confident about
working here, you know you rock.

Thanks guys!

Dear Tech Gods (and Goddesses),

I have a microtouch3m monitor and it keeps going into power
save mode. Which is nice..I guess…but it is slowing down
the process and I’d like to have that feature disabled.
The monitor is hooked up to register 4.
It was hooked up to a different register before. We got a new
CPU box for that spot and then this monitor started doing
this. We moved the monitor to the register 4 spot hoping it
was a setting on the computer that was causing this one to
power down (and because the really old monitor that WAS on
register 4 was giving us a different kind of trouble. We’re
still tinkering with it trying to avoid having to have it
But this monitor is still powering down.
Now…if we touch the screen it comes back up…and everyone
knows this…but it does take some time and it’s really
inconvenient to have it doing this.
Since it did it on two different stations I figured it was a
setting in the monitor itself. I can not verify this, however
as the monitor won’t let us doing anything to it. It says
“OSD LOCKED” if we hit any of the monitor buttons.
I will be here today until 4:30 if you need me to do anything
physical to the monitor or station to aid in changing this
setting. If you need to call please do not call between 11:00
and 1:30 CST as this is my buffet time and I am the only
manager here on monday’s. If you don’t need to call to make
this correction then cool…appreciate the fix. 🙂
I am instructing my people to stay off the machine until 11:00
incase you guys are messing with it, so we’re not interfering.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Pizza Pete is drunk. Once you select it, it flashes, and that’s it. Starting to log this off, and key was stuck down. Once it was popped up, good.

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  1. You are tech gods!!!!!!!! May all your clients be as clever and understanding as Robert


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