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Tea anyone?

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The place I work for provides tea for free to all their employees. The only catch to this offer of free tea is that sometimes you draw the short straw and have to actually make the tea yourself  if you want any.  Well one day, one of my good friends (this is a person I had to try to teach math to in one night) was going to make tea. I guess he has never made it before with an ice tea maker so it was a new experience.  This is not a hard process by any means. You put the tea in the bottom of the pot then you insert this trap with the tea bags you close the lid. Then you put the pitcher with ice under the pot and then turn it on and walk away. Despite the simplicity of this processes,  from what I understand is he  got a wee bit confused as to where the water went or where to put it. So water ended up all over the counter.

We also used to make sweet tea. well I never did because it took so long opening the sugar packets even if you did 5 at a time it just took a long time. One of my work buddies Fox was the biggest culprit of this, It was really good sweet tea, however We stopped doing it after we got complaints because the sugar would stay clogged in the machine and ALL tea that came from the tea maker became sweet tea.   so much for that sweet treat!

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  1. He’ll eventually learn. Tea is the perfect complement to any work day.

    – 2737bc
    Follow us for everything tea!


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