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I have had quite a few interviews in my time.  Every single type of interview possible( in person, over the phone ect….)  The strangest interview I have ever seen was not one I was involved in, it was an interview being given by my boss.  He sits in the back of the room to conduct his interviews. He does not just do this during the week when the conference rooms are full. Nope even if  it is a weekend and no one else is in the building except the Help Desk he will sit in the back with all of us working and conduct his interviews. In all the interviews I have had, they have always been in a conference room or office not in an actual work area. so to watch my boss interviewing a possible future employee was interesting  to say the least.

Here is how his interviews go:

He will introduce himself ask a few questions and then proceed to spend the remainder of the time speaking to the possible new hire about what he has done in his life, the different careers he has had.  One of the interviews I was there for was when a co-worker of mine was interviewing and he was showing her around and actually showed her how to make coffee. Really! That was one of the strangest interviews I have  ever witnessed!

One of my oddest interviews occurred  at a company in Carthage, Mo. I submitted my resume for a position they had open in their hardware department. I was offered an interview and on the day of the interview, I go in  and tell the receptionist I am here, and whom I am here to see. She has me fill out an application, Then after I am done filling it out I wait. The the person interviewing me comes and gets me. They lead me thru several hallways that look the same except for different paintings on the wall to their office where someone else is waiting. We go through all  the normal interview questions, such as:  Why do you want this job? What are your greatest strengths? Your greatest weakness?  Talk about your work history, and education.  In this case the gentleman interviewing me came out and said I do not think you are a good fit for this position but I think you would do great in our Help Desk I said sure and he leads me over to the supervisor of their Help Desk and I have an interview with her. After that, you think you are done but no I had a third interview with her supervisor. I had three interviews in one day, and I still did not get a  position with the company.

Another interview experience of mine was with a company in Monett, Mo.  While waiting in the conference room, The level 1 help desk supervisor (one of them interviewing me) walks in and asks, “So which door did you come in?” I told him the one on the bottom. He smiled and said “don’t worry the day I interviewed I came in the back door.” T really wanted that job but sadly,  I did not get it. I

I have also  done several over the phone interviews. One if these phone interviews was for a position as a sales person for a computer company in the Joplin Mo.  area.  The guy I interviewed with told me that I nailed the interview and setup a second in person interview with the person whom would have been my supervisor. On the day of that interview I show up at the location and wait 30 minutes at the location, then I call him and left a message. After another hour. I call and left another message and said I would wait another 15 minutes before I leave. I ended up driving home after a total of 2 hours of waiting (my home at the time was 30 minutes away).  When I pulled in to the parking lot of my apartment I get a call and he apologized for being late and explained that his phone had died and he just got in from Springfield and if I would met with him again in Joplin I would have the job. By this time it was late at night and I had pretty much talked myself out of wanting the job so I turned his offer down. however thinking back on it now I should have taken the opportunity but I did not.  I guess we all have regrets.

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