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Field techs are an interesting breed. Not everyone can do the job they do. For a person like me whom is better at hardware then software and does not mind going to a new place. It would be a great job except I am married and it would cause me to not see my wife as much which would be rough. You see, Field techs are the ones we call to go and install or fixes the equipment we can not fix over the phone. They are on the road a lot. There are a few field techs out there we do not hear much from; but there are a few that we hear from all the time. The ones that really get to  me are the ones that call in and ask simple questions like: how do I install this? or how do you troubleshoot this issue?. At times this is not so bad to deal with and sometimes it is so bad it is not even  funny.  One of the things field techs do is install all the equipment in new stores or newly acquired stores. There have been several times I had to work from 5 pm to 7am because we bought 200 or 300 new stores and they wanted all the new acquisitions  converted to our system  fairly quickly. The field techs would be sent to over see 5 to 10 stores in one night, They did not have to do all of the install because each store would have 2 to 4 member teams to help  and the field tech would help them out by checking what they have done. On one of these nights I got a call from Gary a field tech that been with the company for a very long time.  It was his last store, and there was trouble were a wing street print was not being seen by the computer system and he called up. I checked the mdb file, postgres, dropped to command prompt on the computer it was attached and try to print to it directly. So it was pointing to either a cable or adapter issue. Since the printer would self test and had no lights. Doss a level 2 tech and supervisor was there also so I had him check out the issue as well  just to make sure I did not forget anything. He said the same thing I did. Gary the field tech is stubborn like me which sometimes is not a good thin. So we went back and forth about what was causing the issue and Durbin came over since he is the field tech supervisor and had to tell him to check his stuff because it is his job. Both Doss and I were mad because  Gary would not believe us and Doss was the one to originally test the setups of the wing street printers. About 15 to 20 minutes later the printer was online it was a bad adapter for the printer. We never really got along after that. In fact a year or so later, a friend of mine whom worked on the help desk got a call from him and said that. Gary did not care for me because I was stubborn mule and did not want to deal with me. Which was fine we me.

This brings me to another story, A little bit after I started to work on the help desk I got a call from the police in another state shortly after I started work. It was about one of our field techs whom got caught driving drunk. I had to find find a supervisor. I did and it ended up  being the CIO, whom I had never met before or even spoken with before that night. I transferred the call to him. I heard later that he fired the tech.  We also  had another guy get fired because he did not know how to change a battery in a car or asked for help to change the battery in the car. (According to the rumor he just asked the wrong person for help). Another dumb luck story is a field tech that got caught living out of his truck, keep in mind this was a company truck. We also  had another guy pay his bills with his company credit card and another use his company credit card while out on dates. There was even a field tech that said he was at one place and was real at another(they have GPS on all company vehicles  so all they had to do was look at  the location of  the truck he was driving. This was also the same field tech to flip his truck and trailer driving to Colorado from Kansas.  Some of this things should be a duh,

One final story for now is we  that had a store get infected with a virus on all there computers  because they decided to install a wireless router on the company network. This was closed network everything at a store goes thru the home office and back to the store. So there was no anti-virus software of any-kind on the stores computers. So the field tech was driving to the store, I should say speeding to the store, abut the problem was that  he did not have any replacement computers with him, Because of the speeding and going to jail, he got fired and they sent another tech to the store. The home office over night shipped new computers to the store, and a field tech from another area had to drive to the store and help them out. We could not help the store out remotely because of the virus so  new computers is all we could do. the field tech removed the wireless router and installed the computers, and store was back in business. Shortly after that all stores got an anti-virus program to hopefully keep that from happening again.

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