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What is said on the phone or heard

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It is amazing what is said and heard on the phone at any given  time. Do you all remember the show Super Troopers? In one of the beginning scenes they played the meow game. This is where after each sentence you say meow.  We did that one night on Help Desk and the amazing thing was that no one seemed to noticed or at least they did not say anything. That is not all, We routinely get things said to us like, “I don’t know a thing about no computer”  or “I aint no good with computors”.  One of the favorite things I have ever heard said occurred when one night a shift manager called me up and had a computer that would not boot up, just a black screen and it does nothing. I was going to start the troubleshooting process. When she told me “I have done all the trouble shooting. I am Dell certified. We just need it replaced”  I smiled and a little warmth came to my heart because I was going to make her go wow. and said “go ahead and hold the power button on the CPU until l it turns off. Then unplug the power cord. While it is unplugged hit the power button a few times, Then plug the power cord back in and turn it on”.   Low and behold it came up and loaded windows. She was shocked and said “all my years has a Dell certified Tech. I did not know that”. I told her that I was a Dell certified tech at one point but not anymore. What I wanted to say it not worth much just allows you to work on Dell with out voiding a warranty.

One story that I have heard that sticks in my mind is the story of miss mary and it goes as follows:

Before my time on the help desk. Jon went to his supervisor and wanted a copy of a call he was on. Which she said no but wanted to know why. They listened to the call, and it went something like this.

Jon “Can you turn the Cisco off and on?”

Manager “Sure”  then all you hear was a loud crash and a voice in the distance “Miss Mary, Miss Mary all you alright?”

Manager “Yes, I just fell.”

no blog about phone calls would be complete with out the mention of those calls when the customer sets the phone down and you can hear in the background, cursing and insults or other randomness. Which is not bad at times but when they are directed at you, It is hard to be polite to them when they get back on the phone. We get things like Helpless Desk, or Hopeless Desk. and no good piece of S*#@ but there are also funny things we hear like people singing in the background off key from the song playing on the radio. We also get people  who are supposed to relay information from us on the phone to the person next to the piece of equipment we want to troubleshoot and we just happen to hear terms that are no where close to what we said. In short we have laughs and anger on the phone, Some call are short and sweet and others go on and on and just take too darn long.  One thing is for sure……. every day on the helpdesk is an adventure

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