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We have a website that the company I work for uses all of the time. It is called Web Portal. When this thing works it works great, but the minute it is not working we get immediate calls. It almost reminds me of the video “The website is down” which can be found at this link .

We will get calls like  “I can not log in to web portal” or “Nothing happens when I try to log into web portal”     The thing is that the Portal goes down at the same time each week. It is nothing new,  in fact the good thing is that  it goes down less then it used to. From when I first started up until last year we ran a daily back up and one weekly back up on Sunday.  The Daily back up took about one hour maybe a little longer and the Weekly backup took two and half hours and would give an L Button up error. After a several years and countless logs, Some one decided to say something about it like can you replace the message with sorry web portal is down at the moment try back later.  Of course it was brought to level 2 and then they said that they were never informed of this error and did not know that the problem existed, So then there was the back and forth argument in which level 1 would go you knew about the issue just search the old logs and you can  see where  you logged about it and a change issue was open. Change issue is the issue open with programmers to correct or change something.  So what came out of this back and forth banter is  a fix was created that was never put out because the supervisor wanted to be there to see if it worked but the problem is he did not want to come in that late or stay that late to see if it worked. Instead we changed how we do backups.  Now the system decides if there is going to be a backup or not during the week but  there is still one every Sunday like clockwork. Every Sunday we get a call “”I can not log in to web portal” or “I can not get in to web portal is my internet connection down” or ” I really need to check my web portal but I can not get into it”. Then we tell them that it is down and nform them as to when it will be back online. We get responeses  like  “is that new” or “I never knew that”. All you can do at this point is shake your head and go, It happens every week at the same time. What you really want to say is : I will wait for your call next Sunday 🙂   Same Bat Time Same Bat Place.

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