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One of the things we deal with on the help desk besides the store’s we own,  is the Area General Managers (AGM’s for short) that run them.   Just like with anything any other  group,  there are AGM’s we never hear from, and others we hear from all the time.  My favorite problem that they call in with  is “My child was using my laptop and now it is slow and I can not connect to the VPN (Virtual Private Network)”.   Come on now….really!  But we don’t say anything, instead we  walk them through the steps to allow us to  vnc into the laptop. Once we gain access, what we find is the AGM is using the laptop as a personal computer (which we already assumed) and not has a Business computer. We find all kinds of software. We also find that they do not run proper maintenance on the computer or update it when it is needed. We also sometimes fine some VERY questionable content.  Again we keep our mouths shut and  do our best to get the malware and viruses taken care of.  More often then not  the computer is so messed up that  we have to have them send in t he laptop for complete maintenance. Daniel our hardware guy from down stairs stopped trying  to figure out the problem and fix it, since he found Donkey porn on a computer. Instead he tries to just re image it and send it back to them. This takes care of the updates, the malware, and viruses. It has to be said that once you tell an AGM that they will have to send the laptop in most of them act like little babies and cry and act like it is the end of the world. I guess it is hard to live without their questionable content 😉

I can deal with the above issues,  but I have a problem when someone calls me and acts high and mighty. We both work for the same company. I do not need to be yelled at. Please be polite and your problem will be worked out as fast as it can. Do not tell me how  to do my job because 99.9% of the time you will be wrong. I admit that I am not perfect, I do not know everything and most of the time your problem cannot be fixed over the phone but I still deserve common courtesy and respect. Which reminds me, We had a guy work on help desk  who is a really good friend. He made everyone on help desk laugh. These warm fuzzy feelings occurred most when he had people call that were  being rude and arrogant.  He would mute himself and rage so the customer could not hear him. He  would stand up and walk up and down the row, and when the person was done talking he would take himself off mute and be polite.  At times that did not work so he just put them in there please with a firm tone and say what needed to be said. We all respecetd him for being able to stay calm when faced with rude AGM’s

Speaking of rude AGM’s, there this  an AGM that no one likes because she is a real witch with a b, everyone knows the type. they are the person that is hard to deal with. The one you can not talk rationally with because nothing you say could possibly help.  Well,  at one point, she was calling in every day. First she need her new phone hooked up to email. Then her outlook was erring out.  Then the tech that answered the phone for the phone issue did not give her the right setup instructions to set it up for email on her phone so she called back again and we had to open a problem report for the email on outlook with Microsoft.  She took it upon herself to write an email to all of help desk to say she received poor support and could not fix a problem if we tried. The email on the phone was corrected the next day. It took Microsoft a while to get an answer from them and over the weekend she called the director of I.T. but what  ended up being done to her email was that we had to have her send her laptop in and then we re-imaged it and recreated her email account.  We dreaded every call and her attitude only made it more difficult to help her.

So my advice in this whole long post is be polite and be reasonable. We are doing our best to help you fix what you screwed up 🙂

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  1. LOL. The contents on laptops sent in amazes me. One time Daniel worked on a laptop that had a Shemale DVD in it. He sent the laptop back with the DVD laying on the keyboard in between it and the LCD.


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