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Tech terms do not matter.

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One of the things I have learned on the help desk is the usage of technical terms. What I mean to say is the lack of technical terms. Is  came out of a trade school believing I could conquer the world. What I learned in just a few days actually working in the industry was that what I think I know does not mean a thing. I had to learn new terminology. I learned that a modem encompasses several different devices. For example a store can call in and say that when they turn on the computer it flashes a message that says “no cable connected”. The general thought would be the PC is not turned on. Most stores I have to explain that the tower is different than the actual modem when trying to troubleshoot this issue, I really try to refrain from sounding condescending, which is hard because sometimes they even believe that the computer is the monitor so when you ask them to turn the power off to the computer, all they do is turn off the monitor. So I will have to describe the computer tower  as the  big Dell box or the box that the CD tray comes out of.

The modem and tower are not the only computer parts where the terms seem to confuse people. On the help desk we talk to a third party vendor who provides our internet connections. The problem with this third party vendor is they outsourced their help desk to India. So we spend 10 minutes going thru the phone prompts till be can speak to someone. The tech Steve has a heavy accent from India.  The accent in and of itself is not a bad when you are just calling to open a trouble ticket.  The tricky part comes when you call back to try to get an update off the open tickets. They just read the log from the engineer that worked on the ticket. So you get a lot of terms that you can barely understand and they don’t really seem to even know what they are saying. So when you stop and ask what a particular term means. You get a lot of uummmm, and stumbling over words. It is not like the previous help desk the company had before it outsourced. Back then you called you got someone from Los Angeles

This brings me to a story. When we call the third party vendor to open a trouble ticket on a downed circuit. We would have to read off a circuit ID. Fox would say his in a different way instead of using the Phonetic Alphabet, he would use food names. One day when he called, and was asked for the circuit ID. He said “bacon cheese burger tomato mustard ketchup 001”. Then there was  a pause and  the help desk tech asked…can you say it again please?  There was another pause and can you say that again was asked a total of three times. She had him on speaker phone by the third time  so other techs could hear him say the circuit ID. there was giggles and laughter. It made Fox’s day (and the other tech) just to know that he had put a smile on someones face that day.

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