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First Day on the Phones

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I remember my first day on the phones by myself.  It is not like the techs we hire now that get plenty of time to get used to everything. Nope I was thrown right in to sink or swim.  It was a Sunday morning  on the Help Desk. Normally Sunday’s are slow but this Sunday was an exception. I was supposed to come in and have a fellow tech listen to me while I take calls. I walk in with hesitation, I set down log into my computer that I am using that day. Then log in to the phones. Had my footprints up and then a few minutes later the calls started coming in. It was like a water faucet was turned on full blast. I answered the first call and looked over to my fellow techs and they were on the phone and told me to log it and go to the next one.  That was hardest thing about  my first day on the phones,  no one was  listening to me. The only other experience I had was listening to someone else on the phones and see them take care on the logs.   I knew what to do but, I did not know how to do it. I was like a new kid in school.  I Did not know anything. We had over 400 calls that shift and only 3 people working (That is including me). After making it through that day,  taking calls on an average day was not so bad.

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