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I have been a Help Desk tech for several years now and it still baffles me that people do not know what a power cord is but we run into people all the time who do not. There are many different instances where When I first started on the Help Desk, I was naive. I had my tech talk down and gave people more credit then they have. I was at work on the phones on a Sunday morning. When Grimes got a call, It was a store and one of the main computers was down. No big deal right, It could be a few things. Be a quick call. He had them check the power button to see if there is a light. No light, So having try to turn on nope no good. Made sure they were not try the monitor power button, (You may laugh but it is true people think the monitor is the computer and to turn on the computer you hit the power button on the monitor). Next is to make sure it is not in a battery back up and to try to bypass the UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply). This is were it gets weird.   I really could not believe what was going to happen next. I was shocked. Grimes spent the next hour describing a power cord, electrical socket and general how a computer is hooked up. He finally asked the manager do you plug in a vacuum or any other appliance?   She responded with a no her husband did that. I have never seen a look of disbelief and shock before. Grimes did not respond for what seamed to be a 5 to 10 minutes but in reality was more like 30 seconds. He said thank you we will need to call you back.

That story was not the only one to make you go duh. My supervisor got a call from a store where there computer would not come on. He did the normal trouble shooting and one of the questions he asked was can you plug the power cord into a different outlet. The manager said sure and did and he said it still will not turn on. So at the point we send a replacement or a field tech goes out. On help desk we do not say which. It is the hardware/field tech supervisor decision. Te sent a field tech. The tech when he got on site discovered the power cord was plugged into a different outlet but the computer was not plugged into the power cord. The outlet the power cord was plugged into was 15 feet away from the computer. The tech was able to get the computer to work by replacing the UPS, It was originally plugged into.

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