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Mazzio’s Pizza Help Desk????

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I used to work with a fellow we call Fox. Fox was a person that could either make you smile or wonder if he was going to kill you.  He had a lot of Rage in his system. One day we dared him to answer the phone like he was from Mazzio’s Pizza. It was a joke and we did not think  he would actually do it. Right before he went on break he got a call. He answered “Thank you for calling Mazzio’s Help Desk this is Fox. Can I get your store number please.” There was a pause, Then a “hello”.  She asked “whom did I call”. Without missing a beat he said “The computer Help Desk for Mazzio’s Pizza”. She said “thank you” and and hung up the phone. Fox logged out of the phones and went on break. He was gone for an hour, and when he came back, a coworker laid into him and said”dude”! “we didn’t think you do it. The store you messed with, called us back. That store had a bunch of problems. The network switch was down and tickets were messed up. It seems that you my friend dodged a bullet”.  With a slight smile he set down at his desk and logged back in to the phone system without another word.

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